Book Launch

The book launched Oct. 14-15, 2017, with readings inside the recently restored Neely School. Standing on the platform at the front of the room, Emily realized that it was the first time a teacher had stood there in almost 70 years. The students this time were the living alumni of the school, as well as folks who were visiting the school as part of the Salisbury Historic Foundation’s annual OctoberTour, which for the first time ever, featured the school on its list of properties.


When space inside the schoolhouse filled up, one little student listened to a chapter from the book from outside a window.


With ten readings over two days, a lot of people were introduced to the inspiring story of Julius Neely and the little schoolhouse he built in the woods for his children.


Mary Neely Grissom answers questions about her experience attending the school her grandfather built. She attended the school from 1945 to 1948.