Praise for the Book

“The book is a very fine thing–beautifully produced, and equally beautifully written.  I am so impressed by your work, from the meticulous research to the ease and grace with which the story is narrated. How wonderful the the book will help educate NC kids about such an important part of their story. Next time that we are in NC we will make a trip to the schoolhouse.” -Dr. Julia Reid, Department of English Literature, Leeds University

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I tried to read it from an elementary teacher’s viewpoint, thinking on my days when I taught 4th and 5th grade. My favorite area of teaching was local history and NC history. I see this book as a springboard for lots of important areas. . . . I like the rich descriptions of teaching in a one-room schoolhouse, which draws a lot of comparisons to today. It would be a wonderful book when doing a unit for Black History month. I can see a class taking a field trip to China Grove after studying the book in class. I am glad you included how the book came about. That is another area of discussion for children to understand the whole process of researching a book, using family stories, illustrations, and how it takes a team of people to make a book a reality. There are lots of possibilities with using the book. This is a well researched book that illustrates the thread across the generations of what is valued and the key to education opening up so many doors, even in adversity.” -Bill Hodge, retired NC public school teacher

“It’s fun for the whole family—and that’s what I love. It’s not too difficult for a child to relate to and it’s not on such a child’s level that adults can’t enjoy it. It’s well written, beautiful illustrations.” –Busta Brown, Winston-Salem Chronicle